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034Motorsport - Bay Area Audi/Volkswagen Service & Performance

034Motorsport is the San Francisco Bay Area's premier facility for Audi and Volkswagen maintenance, repair, and performance tuning. We are a passionate group of Audi and Volkswagen enthusiasts dedicated to providing the best in dealer-alternative vehicle care, as well as designing, engineering, and manufacturing high-performance aftermarket upgrades.

We employ factory trained technicians, utilize state-of the art diagnostic equipment, and provide our customers with only the highest quality OEM and aftermarket parts.

At 034Motorsport, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products and services, and strive to provide our customers with the best possible automotive experience.

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42968 Osgood Road 
Fremont, CA 94539

Phone: 877-591-9570

Dealer-Alternative Service & Maintenance

Our factory trained technicians can perform all factory repair, maintenance and troubleshooting on your Audi/Porsche/Volkswagen. In addition to being fully equipped for dealer-alternative service, we have a far more advanced understanding of drivetrain, engine management, and chassis function than most repair shops, so we can diagnose and fix problems accurately and quickly. With each visit we perform a complimentary full safety check of your car to ensure its optimal performance and reliability.

Performance Hardware Installation

Just because a repair shop can install factory replacement parts does not necessarily make them qualified to install aftermarket performance parts. At 034Motorsport, we have years of experience building competetive race cars and performance street cars using countless aftermarket performance parts.Our ability to fabricate, modify, and bring parts together in a complete package, ensures that we deliver functional, reliable results for your performance street or track vehicle.

Performance Software Upgrades & Tuning

Many companies burn, sell, and install chips with no ability or understanding to actually tune or optimize the ECU mapping. At 034, we have full access to Motronic tuning maps, with countless hours spent cracking and testing code. In addition to a full line of pre-tuned maps for ME5, ME7, and MED9 equipped Audi, Porsche, and Volkswagen vehicles, we also offer custom dyno tuning for your vehicle's factory ECU. Consult us to evaluate your Motronic tuning need to see if we can offer a solution for your project. We also offer Revo ECU and TCU Upgrades and Unitronic ECU and DSG Software Upgrades.

Complete Custom Performance Builds

Have a dream car in mind, something an OE manufacturer never dreamt of or had the balls to build? We're your man, we can build anything you can think of. Want a 450HP daily driver Audi Coupe Quattro? A 600HP drag race A4 Quattro? How about an 800HP track car, built to last a whole track weekend? We'd love to build it, have built it, and can assure you the results you're expecting. Contact us to discuss the build you have in mind even if you've been disappointed by other, less capable shops. 034Motorsport has the experience to guarantee the results you desire.

Track Day Inspections & Setup

Headed to the track? Chances are we'll see you there! Whether you're headed to your first High Performance Driving Event, or you're an Audi Club track day regular, we're happy to perform your track day inspection. We're also the premier location for track day vehicle setup to ensure that Audi, Porsche, or Volkswagen is performing at its best.

034EFI Installation and Tuning

The computer age has brought the ability for the average person to accomplish advance skills that we could have never imagined performing in the 1980's. 034Motorsport began by becoming an early adopter of technology that allows the average person to perform their own highly advanced tuning. Looking to update an archaic carburetor or CIS injection system, or performing an engine conversion, or simply want full control of your tuning to optimize engine performance and efficiency, we can help. Tackling a full EFI conversion can be intimidating; we can perform the full or any part of the installation including harness building, chassis integration and full engine mapping. And unlike most tuner shops, we sell, install and tune a system we've engineered and manufactured "in house", you won't find anyone more intimately knowledgeable with the product they work with.