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  • DIY: 034EFI C4 Audi UrS4/UrS6 AAN & RS2 Chipset Installation Instructions

    Before ordering 034Motorsport Motronic Audi I5 software, you must make sure you're ordering correct software - which solves lots of problems down the line. Audi has two distributorless 20vt ECU's that are pin for pin compatible with each other, but very slightly different internally. The ECU found in the RS2 is...
  • 01A Short Shifter Installation

    In this box you will find: one set of instructions (you're reading them now), one German OEM shift pivot assembly, one white plastic stepped washer/bushing, two 8mm flat washers, two 8mm lock washers, and a spring, approximately 2" long. Also included is a 12mm snap ring. These instructions are newly...
  • 012/016/01E Short Shifter Installation

    These install instructions are limited since I don't have pictures or an instruction set for removing the center console. However, the more crucial and complicated steps are well detailed. Additions, corrections, and suggestions are welcome!! Be cautious of sharp edges. We take great care to deburr parts and use machining...
  • AAN High Output Coil Conversion Installation

    Tools Required: 5mm Allen Wrench Screw Driver 1/4” Drill 10mm Wrench Installation: Disconnect battery ground. Remove 4 bolts securing stock coilpack to engine, remove 2 ¼ turn bolts securing black plastic cover behind engine. Unplug stock coil harness from 2 power output stages, 2 coil power connectors, and remove the...

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