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Installation Instructions

  • DIY Installation Instructions: 034Motorsport Transmission Mount Insert - 034-509-4014

    034Motorsport Transmission Mount Insert Upgrade for B8 Audi A4/S4/RS4, A5/S5/RS5, Q5/SQ5 | 034-509-4014
    The installation of your 034Motorsport Transmission Mount Insert for the B8 Audi A4/S4/RS4 & A5/S5/RS5 is a relatively simple process that will take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete. This billet aluminum insert is designed to fill the large void in the factory transmission mount, and limit transmission movement without sacrificing ride quality. By filling the void in the factory mount, this insert eliminates the associated slop and ensures that you're experiencing crisper shifts and a smoother driving experience.

    Supplied Parts:

    Tools Needed:

    • Hands (Opposable Thumbs Are Optional)
    • 10mm Triple Square Bit
    • Wrench
    • Blue Loctite (Recommended)
    • Ramps, Lift, or Jack & Jackstands

    Step 0 – Raise the vehicle securely on jackstands, ramps, or a lift, in order to gain access to the transmission mount. Make sure you have all tools necessary for installation of the transmission mount insert. Give yourself a pep-talk in front of the bathroom mirror, reinforcing the fact that you are an expert enthusiast with a mechanical aptitude second only to Charlie Sheen’s. For good measure, take a selfie while you’re at it.

    Step 1 – Locate the transmission mount, and observe the two 10mm triple square bolts in their natural habitat. Be careful to avoid frightening the bolts. It is imperative that the bolts are relaxed and unaware of what is going to happen next.

    DIY Installation Instructions: 034Motorsport Transmission Mount Insert

    Step 2Remove the two 10mm triple square bolts from the transmission mount, and remove the small bracket at the bottom. Let the feeling of accomplishment overcome you.

    DIY Installation Instructions: 034Motorsport Transmission Mount Insert

    Step 3 – Observe the exposed transmission mount, and take note of the large void in the rubber. That can’t be good for performance, can it? Think of objects you can use to fill the void: old socks, yesterday’s newspaper, that weird quinoa stuff that your wife bought for $20 at Whole Foods, but nobody wants to eat. Panic. Remember that you bought the 034Motorsport Transmission Mount Insert. Feel better.

    DIY Installation Instructions: 034Motorsport Transmission Mount Insert

    Step 4 – Press the shiny new 034Motorsport Transmission Mount Insert into the void. The orientation of the 034Motorsport logo is not important. Or is it? It’s not, but it might matter to you.

    DIY Installation Instructions: 034Motorsport Transmission Mount Insert

    Step 5 – Secure the 034Motorsport Transmission Mount Insert using the 10mm triple square bolts you removed in Step 2 and torque to 20 Nm. Blue Loctite is recommended. Yes, we provided an anchor link back to Step 2 so that you wouldn’t get lost. We’re nice people like that over here.

    DIY Installation Instructions: 034Motorsport Transmission Mount Insert

    Step 6 – Marvel at your work.

    DIY Installation Instructions: 034Motorsport Transmission Mount Insert

    Step 7 – Marvel at your work from a different angle.

    DIY Installation Instructions: 034Motorsport Transmission Mount Insert

    Step 8 – Lower your vehicle from the ramps, jackstands, or lift. Drive it.

    Step 9 – Like the improvement? Leave a review for this part on our website! Want to tell more enthusiasts about this part? Post about it on AudiRevolution, AudiWorld, Audizine, Fourtitude, or QuattroWorld!

    DIY Installation Instructions: 034Motorsport Transmission Mount Insert for B8 Audi A4/S4/RS4, A5/S5/RS5, Q5/SQ5 - 034-509-4014

    DIY Installation Instructions: 034Motorsport Transmission Mount Insert for B8 Audi A4/S4/RS4, A5/S5/RS5, Q5/SQ5 - 034-509-4014

    DIY Installation Instructions: 034Motorsport Transmission Mount Insert for B8 Audi A4/S4/RS4, A5/S5/RS5, Q5/SQ5 - 034-509-4014

  • Mk5 Dogbone Bushing Install

    Mk5 Dogbone Bushing Install Article by 034Motorsport
    1)      Raise your vehicle securely using a lift or jackstands.   2)      Unbolt the exhaust hanger from the subframe. 3)      Locate the 12 bolts securing the subframe (circled in blue), and the 2 bolts attaching the dogbone (circled in red). Loosen the bolts and remove the subframe and dogbone from the vehicle. 4)      You should now be looking at this:   5)      Remove the bolt going through the dogbone mount in the subframe.   6)      Pry out the bottom mount. If the mount is pressed in very tightly, making 1 cut in the side wall of the mount to make it easier to remove.  A saw blade can be used to do this; the plastic is soft and easy to cut.   7)      Press out the top mount. It will be much easier to remove with the extra room, you can use a screw driver or drift to slowly tap it out.   8)      Here is a comparison shot of the 034Motorsport Density Line mount (left) and the OE part (right). Notice that all of the voids are filled with high durometer rubber on the 034Motorsport mount, allowing for minimal movement/deflection.   9)      Mark the mounts and the subframe so that the recess in the mounts corresponds with the hole for the dogbone in the subframe.  It’s important to align the bushings so they go in with the correct orientation.     10)  Press in the new mounts, being careful not to pinch the plastic casing.  Take extra care around the area of the mount with the void, since the mount is plastic this part can “squish” out during the pressing process.  Go slow ensure the voided area is actually going inside the bore, if it apprears that area is seizing, further pressing will ruin the mount, a little extra pressure can be applied to that spot while simultaneously pressing to ensure it goes inside.    11)  Reinstall the dogbone into the subframe, reinstall dogbone bolt.    12)  Reinstall the subframe and dogbone, and tighten all bolts.  Enjoy your securely mounted motor and faster power transfer to the tires!  
  • 034 EFI Supplementary Injector ECU - Instructions

    Supplementary Injector ControlerFollow these instructions carefully. Download this zip file to your harddrive: Super.zip Unzip this file, use Winzip or similar program, and acess the read only file, follow the instructions.


    You cannot program the ECU unless its hooked up thorough a 9 pin comm data cable (not provided). You can adjust different parameters. Here are some suggestions to get you started:Number of Cylinders: The number of cylinders in the application. Full Scale Tach: 7000 or your preference

    Rev Limit: 7000 or your preference

    Cut Fuel Below: 120 recommended - (100 is 0psi) This will cut the fueling below a certain atmospheric pressure level, typically extra fuel is not needed until a few psi of boost.

    Map Cut Rate Sensitivity: Start with 5...this parameter dictates how quickly the controller will react to changing MAP levels. The higher the number the higher the sensitivity. If you are experiencing fuel cuts under boost, try raising this number as you may have odd pressure fluctuations inside your intake manifold that require higher sensitivity.

    Number of Injection Phases: Enter the number 1 for each injector up to two, the number 2 for two or more injectors (high impedance)

    Injector Scaler: This is the main fueling parameter, and dictates maximum duty cycle in Milliseconds. Start with 1.0, and keep raising it until you get proper fueling. All EFI injectors have a lower limit of about 1MS and cannot open any smaller than that, so using a smaller # than 1.0 will not likely open the injector at all. If you want to start really rich, try a 5.0 to start with. You should not need to touch any of the numbers in the matrix, leave them all 1.00 until you are sure you've optimized the Scaler #.

    Trigger Mode: *important* "Continuous" fires the injectors based on MAP only, NO RPM, "Triggered" fires each driver based on the map of MAP and RPM. If you don't have a useable RPM signal, then Continuous will work fine for most applications, but to have the greatest accuracy and tuneability, RPM should be included. Diesel applications should use Continuous Mode.

    Injector Inhibit Timer: This allows a dictated time of injector disabling from the time of start up to enable warm up. Not really needed, start with zero.

    Map Rate Cut (Seconds): This field determines how long until fuel is cut once vacuum drops below the Cut Fuel Below value. For most applications, we recommend leaving this at 0.


    Wiring Diagram

    **NOTE: This is NOT a bolt on system, and is not smog legal. Anyone with little fabrication experience, or those who want a turnkey project car should stick with the limited, stock fuel system. Though this system is easy to program, and will result in magnificent performance, it will require a period of tuning until the fuel and timing curve is acceptable under varying conditions and circumstances. If you like to fabricate, like to tweek, are patient, and find enjoyment in a project well done- please contact me with any questions and uscan move forward.

  • Fuel Pump Install, Mk2 Volkswagen High Output Kit

    The following is an instruction guide for installing our High Output Fuel Pump Kit in the late Mk2 VW cars with Digifant Injection.  Before installing, ensure your pump has the narrow 45mm fuel pump (not 60mm) These are the parts included with the kit:

    • High Output Fuel Pump
    • 034Motorsport Billet Aluminum Mounting Bracket
    • 8mm" fuel pump outlet fitting
    • Terminated ring terminals with crimp ferrules and heat shrink tubing
    • 8mm high pressure fuel injection hose with clamps

    Instructions: Start by removing the stock pump, set aside the stock rubber o-ring and plastic strainer basket (pictured below) Carefully grind the lip off the plastic basket so it can slide deeper into the fuel box Picture of the basket partially ground below: Basket fully ground below. How it should look when you are finished: At this point you can cut the stock electrical connector off and splice in the new terminated ring terminals.  We recommend using a crimp tool to make this connection, however soldering can be used as well.  Remember, the brown wires are the ground or ( -) terminal. This is what your fuel pump assembly should look like prior to installing: Install the billet aluminum bracket around the pump but do not tighten the allen bolt just yet.  Side the plastic basket on the bottom of the pump, and slide the whole assembly inside the plastic fuel box until it bottoms out.   At this point tighten the allen bolt pinch clamp around the fuel pump, and replace the 3 screws that secure the pump into the housing.  In some cases the heads of the screws may be larger than spec, in which case you'll need to remove a small amount of material around the OD of the screw head to clear the aluminum pinch bracket.  Tighten down the fuel pump until the o-ring seats and seals. Not remove the stock fuel pressure hose and replace with the hose we supply, attach the ring terminals (using the correct polarity!) and you are good to go!  If you do it right, it will look like the picture below.  Enjoy your new found horsepower potential!

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