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  • SummerFest 2017 | 034Motorsport's Dyno Day & Open House with NorCal Audi Club

    034Motorsport SummerFest 2017 Open House and Dyno Day

    Over the past few weeks the sun has been shining and the earth has been scorching. You know what that means, right? We're due for another Open House and Dyno Day! This July marked our 9th Annual SummerFest, hosted at 034Motorsport's headquarters in Fremont, California with the NorCal Audi Club. It's that time of year when we dust off the display shelves and welcome all into our Service, Machining, Manufacturing, and Shipping facilities. Believe it or not, this all fits under one roof too!

    B5 Audi Avant and Mk7 Volkswagens at 034Motorsport SummerFest

    Starting around 9AM on Saturday, July 29th the crowds began rolling in to stake out a good spot in the parking lot. Those who arrived early were rewarded, and as the day went on the spaces near the shop filled up quickly. By mid-afternoon, hundreds of Audis and Volkswagens had flooded the business park and made for the biggest turnout yet at a 034Motorsport event!

    034Motorsport SummerFest DJ Plays Music

    Our in-house DJ, DeeJay JRL, was setting the mood and keeping the music going all day long while attendees flowed through the Service bay and customers brought their cars in for on-site 034Motorsport Performance Software installs.

    SummerFest Facility Tour in 034Motorsport Manufacturing Department

    Meanwhile Gary Sheehan, 034Motorsport Director of Industrial Operations, was providing facility tours for guests to gain a sneak peek of what goes into building all of our Go-Fast parts for customers worldwide. The Manufacturing Department featured an array of 034Motorsport parts in various stages of assembly including our B9 Audi Front Strut Brace, 8J TTRS Motorsport Motor Mounts, B5/B6/B7 Upper Adjustable Control Arms, Density Line Adjustable Rear Toe Links, and X34 Carbon Fiber MQB Cold Air Intake.

    034Motorsport Machining Department Display at SummerFest

    The 034Motorsport Machining Department had a showcase of their own, displaying freshly CNC-machined components and the tools required to create these precision Go-Fast parts from a single piece of aluminum.

    Javad Shadzi, President and Founder of 034Motorsport, Barbecues

    Outside, the heat got turned up as Javad Shadzi, President and Founder of 034Motorsport, fired up his three charcoal Weber barbecues to feed the masses. Seen here in his natural state, Javad has a certain zen about him when manning the grill and sure knows how to cook some delicious chicken, ribs, and tri-tip! After roughly 200+ lbs of meat passed over the three grills throughout the day, it's likely that nobody left hungry from SummerFest.

    034Motorsport SummerFest BBQ and Dyno Day with Mk3 Audi TT

    As soon as the intoxicating scent of charcoal filled the air, a line formed almost the entire length of the building to get a sample of the famed BBQ.

    Turbocharged VR6 Audi A3 at 034Motorsport SummerFest

    All the while, cars flowed on and off the dyno for a chance to see what kind of power they could put down on 034Motorsport's in-house Mustang Dyno. Here, Rory's 8P Audi A3 lines up for his chance to test the rollers with the 034Motorsport Turbocharged 3.2L VR6 powerplant. The sound alone was enough to contend his car as a crowd favorite.

    Audi Sport Quattro Conversion and B9 Audi S4 at 034Motorsport SummerFest

    Audis new and old made the trip out to SummerFest, ranging from Curt's Sport Quattro conversion to a selection of brand new B9 Audi A4 and S4 models.

    Mk7 Volkswagen GTI at 034Motorsport SummerFestThere was a strong showing of Volkswagens as well, running the gamut from a 1990's Corrado to brand new MkVII hatchbacks.

    034Motorsport SummerFest Raffle

    Later in the afternoon, spectators gathered inside the Service bay to escape the heat and await the raffle drawing. A first for 034Motorsport, those who attended the Open House were eligible to win some free shwag bags or a grand prize in the form of a $200 034Motorsport gift certificate!

    034Motorsport SummerFest Dyno Day

    If it weren't for the hardworking employees of 034Motorsport strapping down cars on the dyno, offering tours of the facility, greeting customers inside the shop, spinning music all day long, or braving the heat of the grills, none of this would be possible. I'd like to thank everyone who helps make SummerFest such a success year after year, as you're the driving force to such a fun and quality event.

    034Motorsport SummerFest in Fremont, CA

    More importantly however, we at 034Motorsport would like to thank everyone who attended our 9th Annual SummerFest Open House and Dyno Day! With such a strong showing from the car community, coming from both near and far, you are what makes the event so great. Thank you for coming out, we hope everyone enjoyed themselves, and look forward to seeing everyone next year with an even bigger turnout to celebrate a decade of Dyno Days at 034Motorsport!

    Photo Gallery | 034Motorsport SummerFest 2017 Open House & Dyno Day

  • Event Recap | 034Motorsport at Wuste Vegas

    034Motorsport Development Vehicles on a Roadtip to Wuste Vegas

    Now that we've had ample recovery time from the madness that is Wuste Vegas and the relentless desert heat, we're here to share some photos of our journey to sin city for 034Motorsport's first show of the year.

    034Motorsport Booth at Wuste Vegas European Car Show 2017

    It was fantastic to see so many awesome builds, talk shop with customers and vendors alike, and hang out with some of our awesome dealers. Our presence at this show was bigger than ever and had the booth bustling with customers (free beer helped). All in all, it was a great dress-rehearsal for our enhanced show presence this year with Waterfest, Fastivus and Big-SoCal Euro ahead. We look forward to seeing many of you at these upcoming West-Coast shows!

    034Motorsport Vendor Booth at Wuste Vegas 2017

    We took the opportunity to make the most of the 1200 mile round trip journey to flog three of our 034Motorsport Development Vehicles through the deserts of Mojave, Red Rock Canyon, greater Las Vegas and Death Valley. Three members of our Sales Team brave enough to risk the desert heat did their best to mimic a Top Gear road trip with radios in hand, along with insults and banter aplenty as they drove through some of the best driving roads in California with tons of fascinating geography.

    034Motorsport Development Vehicles in California Desert

    The cars being subjected to the 25,000 feet of elevation gain and 120-degree temps were the 034Motorsport Project MkVII Volkswagen GTI, R460 8V Audi S3and the Dynamic+ B9 Audi A4. Our Global Director of Sales, Troy, spent most of his time in the Tango Red A4 outfitted with some prototype suspension, exhaust and engine bits (stay tuned!), as well as an array of B9 Audi production upgrades including:

    Beyond the 034Motorsport B9 parts catalog being thrown at our Development A4, 19" Rotiforms shod with meaty 265/35 RE-11 tires were installed to get the most from the suspension upgrades.

    034Motorsport Dynamic+ B9 Audi A4 Development Vehicle

    Of the three cars, the A4 was the one that surprised the 034Motorsport team the most. After all, it's just an A4, right? In reality, the new B9 chassis is worlds more composed than the preceding B8/B8.5. The DSG transforms this car into a satisfyingly snappy family sedan, and with our complete package of bolt-ons, the B9 A4 is extremely nimble and fun with monumental grip. If you haven't driven one yet, we suggest you do so ASAP.

    034Motorsport Mk7 GTI and R460 8V S3

    For those who are more in-tune with the MQB chassis Audis and Volkswagens, don't worry. We remembered to have loads of fun flogging these nimble cars through the desert as well.

    034Motorsport R460 8V Audi S3 on HRE FF15 Wheels

    Overall, Wuste 2017 was incredibly successful for all. It was the perfect kick-off for show season this summer, and we can't wait to see everybody at the upcoming west coast events! Be sure to check out our Events Page to see where we'll be next.

    034Motorsport Project Mk7 Volkswagen GTI on HRE FF15 Wheels 034Motorsport Mk7 GTI and B9 A4
  • Summerfest 2016 | 034Motorsport Open House, Dyno Day, BBQ, & Norcal Audi Club Meet

    Audi and Volkswagen Dyno Day Open House Bay Area California

    This July marked the 8th Annual Summerfest at 034Motorsport's performance facility in Fremont, CA. Hosted in conjunction with NorCal Audi Club, this year's attendance was at an all time high bringing in a wide variety of Audis and Volkswagens from around the greater Bay Area. Activities included a constant stream of dyno runs all day long, facility tours for a look behind the scenes, and free burgers and dogs barbecued on-site by the President of 034Motorsport himself.

    Volkswagen Corrado and MkVIII Golf R at 034Motorsport Performance Facility

    The selection of attendee's cars this year included a range from vintage air-cooled Beetles to brand new Audi R8 supercars, and everything in between. If you're a gearhead, there was undoubtedly a car present to pique your interest.

    B8 Audi S4 on Hunter Alignment Rack in 034Motorsport Service Department

    Nate's B8 Audi S4 was displayed on the new, in-ground Hunter alignment rack in the 034Motorsport Service Department featuring an array of B8 products including our Adjustable Solid Rear Sway Bar, Spherical Rear Sway Bar End Links, Rear Differential Carrier Mount Inserts, Rear Differential Mount Inserts, Transmission Mount Insert, and Billet Aluminum X-Brace. Those who looked closely may have also spied some new products in development on his car!

    Lowered B7 Audi A4 at 034Motorsport Dyno Day in Fremont, CA

    While the dyno runs started early and continued all day, the barbecues weren't too far behind. As soon as the charcoal-burning smell began filling the air, people were quick to follow their noses toward the free hamburgers, hot dogs, and ice-cold beverages.

    Audi Dyno Day and BBQ in Fremont, CA at 034Motorsport

    Perhaps it's no secret anymore, but the President and Founder of 034Motorsport, Javad Shadzi, is quite the barbecue aficionado too. He was generous enough to brave the heat and smoke of two Weber grills most of the day to ensure that every attendee left full and satisfied.

    Crowd surrounds 034Motorsport Dyno to watch C7 Audi RS7

    Songpol's C7 Audi RS7 was definitely one of the crowd favorites on the dyno that day. His tuned 4.0T managed to put down 491 WHP and 467 WTQ on our in-house Mustang AWD Dyno, while creating a beautiful yet guttural roar at the same time.

    B8 Audi Q5 Research and Development in Fremont, CA at 034Motorsport

    Our Engineering Department displayed their 3D scanning abilities featuring the intake on Max's B8 Q5 2.0T. Alongside the display were some 3D-printed prototype parts from the past, including the first MQB X34 Intake made in-house.

    034Motorsport Performance Manufacturing Department in Fremon, CA

    Facility tours were provided to guests, allowing a special look into where our products are proudly machined, assembled, packaged, and shipped worldwide. Some of the components on display included B5/B6/B7 Upper Adjustable Control Arms, B5 S4 2.7T Lighweight Aluminum Flywheel, B8 2.0 TFSI Billet Catch Can Kit, X34 Carbon Fiber MQB Cold Air Intake, MkV/MkVI Billet Aluminum Dogbone Mount Insert, and 8J Audi TTRS Motorsport Motor Mounts.

    Fremont, CA Audi Volkswagen Meet and Greet Open House

    The Service Department was bustling all day as guests looked over many different engine bays on display. Nate's A3 3.2L VR6T powerhouse seemed to fit in around the 07K Turbo Rabbit and 3.0L B5 S4 with Tial 605R turbos.

    Volkswagen GTI Generations Including MkIII, MkVI, MkVII

    Even a real Harlequin made an appearance, sporting a not-so-factory turbocharged VR6 under its hood!

    Imola Yellow B5 S4 Avants at 034Motorsport in Fremont, CA

    A couple Imola Yellow B5 S4 Avants reunited in the parking lot as well, bringing together rare Audis and Volkswagens from around the region.

    Ultraviolet Porsche 991 GT3RS

    Hundreds of local Audi and Volkswagen enthusiasts gathered to share their passion for German cars and revel in the camaraderie. More BBQ was consumed than thought possible. More cars were strapped to the Mustang dyno in search of finding the highest number possible. Overall, Summerfest 2016 was a great success, and it wouldn't have been possible without such awesome attendees. We would like to thank you, (yes, you), for your continuous support of 034Motorsport and making our events so special. We hope to see you out at local events and get-togethers in the future!


    Summerfest 2016 | 034Motorsport Open House, Dyno Day, BBQ, & Norcal Audi Club Meet Photo Gallery


  • NorCal Audi Club's WinterFest 2016 Get-Together - Hosted by 034Motorsport


    034Motorsport hosted NorCal Audi Club's Annual WinterFest Get-Together for the third year in a row on Saturday, January 23rd. There was a fantastic turnout at the event despite scattered showers throughout the day.

    NorCal Audi Club's WinterFest 2016 Get-Together - Hosted by 034Motorsport

    Audi Club Golden Gate brought out a modified Audi R8, and Audi on Demand joined in, showcasing their new program and bringing a C7.5 Audi RS7 from their collection. Over 150 cars showed up to 034Motorsport's Performance Facility in Fremont, CA and more than 200 Audi enthusiasts were in attendance.

    NorCal Audi Club's WinterFest 2016 Get-Together - Hosted by 034Motorsport

    A large assortment of Audi models were represented at WinterFest, from classic UrQuattros and UrS6s to multiple new Audi R8s and RS7s.

    NorCal Audi Club's WinterFest 2016 Get-Together - Hosted by 034Motorsport

    The 034Motorsport 2016 Audi S3 Development Vehicle was on display, featuring a variety of 034Motorsport parts. It also was sporting some prototype 034Motorsport MQB Audi S3 Performance Upgrades, giving many customers a sneak-preview of exciting new products we have lined up for the platform!

    NorCal Audi Club's WinterFest 2016 Get-Together - Hosted by 034Motorsport

    Justin's 034Motorsport-sponsored B6 Audi S4 1.8T Race Car Build just happened to be at our facility for some custom tuning, and it was a huge hit with the WinterFest crowd. Stay tuned for more info on the build, which will be hitting the track soon!

    NorCal Audi Club's WinterFest 2016 Get-Together - Hosted by 034Motorsport

    We were lucky to have quite a bit of sunshine mixed in with the rain, allowing attendees to get a good view of the 20+ cars we had signed up to run on our dyno.

    NorCal Audi Club's WinterFest 2016 Get-Together - Hosted by 034Motorsport

    There were quite a few impressive cars running on our Mustang AWD Dyno at WinterFest, but Amesh's Stage 3+ B5 Audi S4 Avant put down the highest peak numbers of the day at 439 WHP & 452 WTQ.

    NorCal Audi Club's WinterFest 2016 Get-Together - Hosted by 034Motorsport

    We couldn't have had a successful Dyno Day without the 034Motorsport Team here to help run the event. Ado, our Manufacturing Supervisor (left) and Barin, one of our Audi Technicians (right) were busy all day strapping cars down to the dyno securely.

    NorCal Audi Club's WinterFest 2016 Get-Together - Hosted by 034Motorsport

    Javad - 034Motorsport's Founder & President - cooked a whopping 15 gallons of home-made chili to keep hunger at bay and help everyone stay warm when the rain came pouring down.

    NorCal Audi Club's WinterFest 2016 Get-Together - Hosted by 034Motorsport

    Once the huge batch of chili had disappeared, Javad turned his attention to Instagram, carefully framing shots of this 3.0L Stroker Tial 605.3 Build we had on display, then painstakingly applying the correct filters and hashtags before posting it for the world to see.

    034Motorsport Manufacturing & Assembly Facility

    Guided tours of the 034Motorsport Machining, Manufacturing, and Assembly Departments were available, and some of our most popular performance parts were on display in various states of completion.

    Nate@034's Record-Setting Stage 1 B8 Audi S4 3.0 TFSI

    Nate@034's record-setting Stage 1 B8 Audi S4 was showing off a 3D-printed prototype air intake system, as well as a list of features for our upcoming 3.0 TFSI Performance Software & DL501 S-Tronic Performance Software.

    Audi R8 V8 from Audi Club Golden Gate

    Parked next to Nate's S4 was Terry's Audi R8, which was part of the Audi Club Golden Gate Corral. ACGG was handing out the most recent issue of Quattro Quarterly, and offering discounted memberships to new ACNA members.

    We even had a McLaren MP4-12C stop by, courtesy of a good local 034Motorsport customer.

    Hibiscus Red B5 Audi S4 at 034Motorsport

    We were thrilled with the number of enthusiasts who showed up to WinterFest 2016, and can't wait for SummerFest in July! Thank you to everyone who came to the event, NorCal Audi Club for coordinating the meet, Audi Club Golden Gate for the support, Audi on Demand for bringing the RS7 and sharing your new program, Audizine for the awesome calendars, and the 034Motorsport Team for all of the hard work they put in the preparing for and running WinterFest!

    NorCal Audi Club's WinterFest 2016 Get-Together - Hosted by 034Motorsport

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