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8J Audi TTRS

  • Strut Tower Reinforcement Plates for 8J Audi TT/TTS/TTRS are Here!

    8J Audi TT/TTS/TTRS Strut Tower Reinforcement Plates

    034Motorsport's Strut Tower Reinforcement Plates for the 8J Audi TT/TTS/TTRS are designed to significantly increase the strength and rigidity of the factory aluminum strut towers. These robust steel and aluminum reinforcement plates reduce the likelihood of deforming/damaging (or doming) the strut towers by driving over road imperfections or aggressively utilizing curbs when driving hard on track.

    What's Included:

    • 3/16" Thick Laser-Cut Stainless Steel Lower Reinforcement Plates (2)
    • CNC Machined Billet Aluminum Upper Reinforcement Plates (2)
    • New Installation Hardware


    • 2006 - 2013 Audi TT/TTS/TTRS (8J)

    Installation Guide:

    Don't be afraid of the curbs. Make the curbs be afraid of you.

    Please Note: If your strut towers are already deformed/domed, then these plates cannot be safely installed. If this is the case, we recommend taking your vehicle to a body shop that is certified by Audi for aluminum repairs. Once the strut towers have been repaired, the reinforcement plates can be used.

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  • Street Density Engine/Trans Mount Pair for 8J/8P Audi TTRS/RS3 2.5 TFSI DSG!

    Street Density Mount Pair for 8P Audi RS3 2.5 TFSI DSG

    We're proud to announce the availability of the Street Density Performance Engine/Transmission Mount Pair for the 8J/8P Audi TT RS & RS3 2.5 TFSI DSG!

    034Motorsport's Density Line Mounts are the new standard in comfort and performance. Our mounts are redesigned with performance in mind, and manufactured from high-durometer rubber for increased performance and durability, without sacrificing comfort. Density Line Mounts are void-free and fluid-free, eliminating the slop associated with the factory mounts.


    • Manufactured from 60 Durometer (Street Density) Rubber with Void-Free Construction
    • Includes Stainless Steel Accessory Bracket and Necessary Hardware
    • Reduced Drivetrain Slop
    • Decreased Engine Movement Under Load
    • More Direct Power Transfer
    • Improved Shifting Feel
    • Complete Drop-In Replacement of Factory Engine/Transmission Mounts
    • Sold in Pairs (One Engine Mount  & One Transmission Mount)


    • 8J0199262G
    • 1K0199262M


    • 2009 - 2013 Audi TTRS 2.5 TFSI (8J)
      • DSG/S-Tronic Transmission Only!
    • 2009 - 2013 Audi RS3 2.5 TFSI (8P)
      • DSG/S-Tronic Transmission Only!

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  • Audi TT RS Cold Air Intake Development

    Audi TT RS Cold Air Intake in Carbon Fiber

    034Motorsport's engineers spent extensive effort developing this Carbon Fiber Audi TT RS Cold Air Intake System to yield horsepower and torque increases on the 2.5 TFSI. During the development process, many iterations were designed, prototyped, and tested, ultimately resulting in this beautifully-manufactured Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake System.

    Developing the Carbon Fiber Audi TT RS Cold Air Intake

    It goes without saying that anything coming out of Quattro GmbH is engineered for performance. Fitted with a turbocharged inline 5 cylinder engine mated to a manual gearbox and Haldex All-Wheel-Drive System, the Audi TT RS is no exception. The vehicle makes an exceptional street car and weekend track-day weapon out of the box, but in many ways is limited in potential by some of the factory components.

    Since its debut in North America four years ago, 034Motorsport has been developing the Audi TT RS on the street and race track to extract more performance and refinement from the already capable platform. In that time, we extensively tested both factory-turbocharged and upgraded turbo vehicles to establish baselines and make comparisons between the stock airbox, aftermarket panel filters, and full intake systems.

    Preliminary Intake Testing

    Audi TT RS Cold Air Intake Testing

    When preparing our Audi TT RS for the 2013 European Car Magazine Tuner Grand Prix, we were able to show definitive improvements when replacing the factory airbox and intake tube on a big turbo configuration. While it was a preliminary test with a "dyno queen" style setup, this data helped us shape the design strategy for our production Audi TT RS Cold Air Intake System.

    Design Concept

    The 2.5 TFSI engine utilizes speed-density engine control, which meant that the 034Motorsport Audi TT RS Cold Air Intake System's design would not be limited by a MAF sensor. 034Motorsport's goal was to provide as much volume, cross-sectional area, and flow as possible from the filter all the way to the compressor inlet.

    Since Audi engineers spend a great deal of time optimizing their components, we thoroughly analyzed the factory airbox design, and took care to not reinvent the wheel in our engineering approach. This mindset helps ensure meaningful improvements resulting from calculated decisions, and usually leads to elegant, OEM+ upgrades like this air intake system. In the case of the Audi TT RS, the configuration of the factory lower airbox proved to be ideal, with its forward and side air inlets and secure mounting in the engine bay. The airbox outlet to turbocharger inlet tubing and flex sections, however, were disruptive to flow and a restriction even on stock turbo vehicles.

    Modeling the Intake

    With the aid of our in-house CMM tools, 034Motorsport engineers scanned the engine bay and critical features to better understand space constraints, and allowing them to model parts in CAD to directly replace factory pieces.

    Audi TT RS Cold Air Intake 3D Render

    The space limitations created by the firewall, high pressure fuel pump, and valve cover left us with a maximum allowable cross-sectional area equal to that of a 90mm diameter cylinder. The 034Motorsport Air Intake Tube was designed to have adequate spacing to clear the firewall and features complex organic geometry to maintain cross-sectional area while accommodating the factory valve cover and high-pressure fuel pump. This primary tube connects to the Carbon Fiber Upper Airbox Heat Shield, which interfaces with the factory lower airbox and takes advantage of factory air inlets and mounting locations.

    Working with Carbon Fiber

    Manufacturing the Audi TT RS Cold Air Intake System in carbon fiber made it possible to work with complex, organic molded shapes. 034Motorsport engineers used this to their advantage to keep the cross-sectional area of the Carbon Fiber Air Intake Tube as large as possible from the 101mm (4”) air filter to the integrated transition to the factory turbo inlet. All of the carbon fiber components also feature a fiberglass backing layer to aid in isolating cold, dense intake air from the heat of the engine bay.

    Prototyping & Testing

    Once the initial 3D CAD model was finished, prototype parts were 3D printed in house from ABS plastic for fitment verification and and performance testing. The printed the ABS plastic parts were then installed on multiple test vehicles to verify gains with various turbocharger configurations and tuning.

    Audi TT RS Cold Air Intake Prototype

    Further revisions were printed to fine tune clearances and geometry. The final revision of the intake showed peak gains of up to 16 crank horsepower and 13 ft-lbs of torque on stock turbo tunes, and over 35 crank horsepower and 24 ft-lbs with an upgraded turbocharger.

    Audi TT RS Cold Air Intake Plastic Prototype

    With the design finalized, a prototype carbon fiber intake was created and extensively tested for durability, quality, and fitment. It has now found a home on a TT RS race car through our partnership with Compass360 Racing.

    Audi TT RS Cold Air Intake Matte Carbon Fiber Prototype

    Final Production Parts

    The production version of the Carbon Fiber Audi TT RS Cold Air Intake features a gloss finish to match the factory carbon fiber trim in the 2.5 TFSI engine bay. Even the direction of the weave on the primary tube matches that of the factory pieces. At 034Motorsport, there is no such thing as a detail too small and we believe that every design aspect is important when it comes to developing our products. 

    Audi TT RS Cold Air Intake in Carbon Fiber

    Want to know more about the 034Motorsport Audi TT RS Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake? Continue reading below to learn about individual components and see back-to-back dyno comparisons.

    Maximizing Airflow

    Audi TT RS Cold Air Intake in Carbon Fiber

    034Motorsport engineers first created a CFD-optimized carbon fiber intake tube, which is a direct, high-performance replacement for the plastic factory accordion hose. Using CAD software and 3D scanning technology, 034Motorsport was able to maximize the cross-sectional area of the intake tube while being mindful of space constraints, including the factory high-pressure fuel pump and firewall.

    Audi TT RS Cold Air Intake in Carbon Fiber

    The resulting part is a functional work of art - maximizing performance given the factory space constraints and featuring smooth transitions that ensure optimal airflow to the turbo inlet.

    Minimizing Intake Air Temperature

    Audi TT RS Cold Air Intake in Carbon Fiber

    To ensure that the 034Motorsport Cold Air Intake System draws in cool, dense air, the system includes a carbon fiber heat shield to replace the upper airbox. Bolting to the factory lower airbox, this heat shield allows the high-flow conical filter to breathe cold air from the factory inlet duct before the radiator. Both the carbon fiber heat shield and carbon fiber intake tube feature a fiberglass backing layer to aid in isolating cold, dense intake air from the heat of the engine bay.

    Performance Air Filter

    Audi TT RS Cold Air Intake in Carbon Fiber

    The 034Motorsport Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake system houses a high-flow conical air filter with double-layer pleated cotton filtration medium. This air filter design offers increased flow through an enlarged filtration surface, while ensuring superior filtration.

    OEM+ Fit & Finish

    034Motorsport carefully selected the carbon fiber weave on the intake tube and upper airbox heat shield to match the factory carbon fiber engine trim found in the Audi TT RS's 2.5 TFSI engine bay. The 034Motorsport Audi TT RS Cold Air Intake System was designed to fit like a factory part, and mates directly to the turbo inlet pipe and factory lower airbox to provide an OEM+ look.

    Dyno-Verified Wheel Horsepower & Torque Gains

    034Motorsport's engineering and development efforts were validated on multiple vehicles using our Mustang AWD Dynamometer to ensure that the 034Motorsport Audi TT RS Cold Air Intake System provided substantial increases in horsepower and torque on both stock turbo vehicles and ones with upgraded turbo kits alike.

    Peak Wheel Horsepower & Torque with Stage 2:

    • Stock Intake: 377 Wheel Horsepower / 421 Wheel Foot-Pounds of Torque
    • Audi TT RS Cold Air Intake: 390 Wheel Horsepower / 429 Wheel Foot-Pounds of Torque

    Peak Wheel Horsepower & Torque with Stage 3:

    • Stock Intake: 460 Wheel Horsepower / 424 Wheel Foot-Pounds of Torque
    • Audi TT RS Cold Air Intake: 491 Wheel Horsepower / 443 Wheel Foot-Pounds of Torque

    Carbon Fiber Audi TT RS Cold Air Intake Features & Details


    • Developed In-House by 034Motorsport's Engineering Team
    • High-Quality Carbon Fiber Construction
    • OEM+ Fit & Finish Matches Factory Carbon Fiber Engine Trim
    • Dyno-Proven Horsepower & Torque Gains
    • Improved Engine & Induction Sounds
    • Increased Throttle Response
    • Compatible with Stock, RS500, and APR Stage 3 Turbochargers
    • Large-Diameter CFD-Optimized Air Intake Tube
    • Fiberglass-Backed Heat Shield
    • Improved Airflow from Factory Airbox & Intake Tube
    • High Performance Pleated Cotton Air Filter

    What's Included:

    • 034Motorsport Carbon Fiber Audi TT RS Cold Air Intake Tube
    • 034Motorsport Carbon Fiber Audi TT RS Cold Air Intake Upper Airbox Heat Shield
    • 034Motorsport Double-Layer Pleated Air Filter
    • Installation Hardware

    Compatible Vehicles:

    • 2012 - 2013 Audi TTRS 2.5 TFSI (8J)

    Wheel Horsepower Dyno | Stage 2 100 Oct | 034Motorsport Carbon Fiber Audi TT RS Cold Air Intake vs. Stock Airbox

    Audi TT RS Cold Air Intake Dyno

    Wheel Horsepower Dyno | Stage 3 100 Oct | 034Motorsport Carbon Fiber Audi TT RS Cold Air Intake vs. Stock Airbox

    Audi TT RS Cold Air Intake Dyno

    Developing the Carbon Fiber Audi TT RS Cold Air Intake

  • Video: RS500 Audi TT RS Turbo Kit Review by The Smoking Tire

    We recently had the opportunity to bring our RS500 Audi TT RS Turbo Kit demo car down to SoCal for Matt Farah to drive for a One Take. He really enjoyed the car, and  we're looking forward to having more projects featured on video!

    Enjoy the One Take, and please make sure to check out The Smoking Tire on YouTube for more great car videos. Details on Javad's car with the 034Motorsport RS500 Audi TT RS Turbo Kit can be found below.

    Javad's Phantom Black 2012 Audi TT RS with RS500 Audi TT RS Turbo Kit

    034Motorsport has a great deal of history with tuning turbocharged Audi 5-cylinder engines. Javad Shadzi (034Motorsport's Founder & President) created 034EFI in the early 2000s to provide standalone engine management solutions for fellow I5 enthusiasts. His own project, 80tq, was powered by this new ECU, and went on to be one of the most followed builds of its kind.

    034Motorsport Audi TT RS with RS500 Audi TT RS Turbo Kit Performance Upgrade

    With 034Motorsport’s Audi I5 roots, Javad was thrilled to hear of the TT RS coming to North America, and picked up this Phantom Black example in October of 2011. Since then, Javad's car has served as the test bed for countless 034Motorsport Audi TT RS Performance Parts & Upgrades, including the RS500 Audi TT RS Turbo Kit.

    RS500 Audi TT RS Turbo Kit Upgrade by 034Motorsport

    RS500 was designed for the track day enthusiast who desires an improved usable powerband without sacrificing daily-driver reliability. Providing significant increases in horsepower and torque past 5,000 RPM without sacrificing low-end power, the RS500 Tuning Package shines on the street track where the factory turbocharger can’t keep up. Consisting of an OEM+ turbocharger upgrade, higher-flow high-pressure fuel pump, and 034Motorsport’s proprietary Audi TT RS Performance Software, the RS500 Tuning Package is the elegant, reliable solution for breathtaking performance on the street or track, at an excellent price point.

    Javad's Phantom Black Audi TT-RS with RS500 Turbo Kit & Tuning Package

    Aside from being the 034Motorsport development platform, Javad's RS serves as a dual-purpose commuter and weekend toy for Audi Club North America track days, making it the perfect candidate for the RS500 Audi TT RS Turbo Kit & Performance Package. Since RS500 utilizes a hybrid turbo, there was no modification needed to install it with the existing 034Motorsport High-Flow Audi TT RS Downpipe & Midipes, and Wagner EVO 3 Audi TT RS Front-Mount Intercooler Upgrade that were already on the car.

    Javad's Phantom Black Audi TT RS with 034Motorsport RS500 Turbocharger Upgrade Package

    Javad's TT RS was dialed in on 100 octane fuel by 034Motorsport's ECU Calibrator on a Mustang AWD dyno, which recorded impressive gains in horsepower and torque versus stock. With the 100 octane file, the 034Motorsport RS500 Turbo Kit put down over 434 horsepower through all four wheels! Additional optimizations were made to the drive-by-wire throttle mapping and boost control strategies to improve throttle response, modulation, and consistency.

    Dyno Chart: RS500 Audi TT RS Turbo Kit

    Finally, Javad's TT RS was thoroughly tested on the street and logged to ensure everything was running optimally, and that the RS500 Audi TT RS Turbo Kit was performing as desired. Keep an eye out for this RS500-Powered Phantom Black Audi TT RS at your next Audi Club track day!

    Featured Products | Javad's Phantom Black Audi TT RS 2.5 TFSI with RS500 Turbo Kit

    Engine & Drivetrain

    Brakes & Suspension

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