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Monthly Archives: July 2015

  • NorCal Audi Club Meet: 7th Annual 034Motorsport Dyno Day, Open House, and BBQ

    NorCal Audi Club Meet at 034Motorsport Dyno Day & Open House

    034Motorsport's Dyno Day & Open House has grown from humble beginnings to become the largest NorCal Audi Club Meet held in the San Francisco Bay Area. This year, we saw record attendance from Audi and Volkswagen enthusiasts, with close to 300 cars driving to our Fremont, CA Performance Facility last Saturday. In addition to the usual dyno runs, facility tours, and project cars, this year's get-together featured a free BBQ made on-site by 034Motorsport's President & Founder, Javad Shadzi.

    NorCal Audi Club Meet at 034Motorsport Dyno Day & Open House

    Just about every Audi model and generation was represented at the event, from a Sport Quattro Conversion to new S3s, UrS4s to R8s and S7s. There was a nice mix of well modified cars, as well as a number of stock examples present at the combined 034Motorsport & NorCal Audi Club meet.

    Curt Hammill's Audi Sport Quattro Conversion at 034Motorsport Dyno Day & Open House

    Nate's Audi A3 3.2L Turbo was on display, as well as Sean's Audi TTRS with RS500 Turbo Kit. The VR6T-powered A3 even puts smiles on the faces of miniature humans!

    Nate's Audi A3 3.2L Turbo at 034Motorsport & NorCal Audi Club Meet

    Even with all of the excitement from pulls on 034Motorsport's Mustang All-Wheel-Drive Dyno, attention quickly turned to the BBQ as the delicious food was getting ready.

    NorCal Audi Club Meet at 034Motorsport Dyno Day & Open House

    Speaking of food, we went through over 130 pounds of tri-tip and chicken, in addition to countless hot dogs! Javad was bouncing back and forth all day long between serving food and tending to two 22" Weber Charcoal Grills.

    Free BBQ at 034Motorsport Dyno Day & Open House

    Dave wanted to show up the charcoal grills and decided to strap his MkIV Volkswagen Golf to our dyno, where it made an impressive smoke show and put down 263 foot-pounds of torque through the front wheels.

    MkIV Volkswagen Golf TDI at 034Motorsport & NorCal Audi Club Meet

    Troy's APR Stage 2 Audi TT RS made a trip to the dyno to see what it could put down on the 100 octane program, and recorded a best of 321 WHP and 366 WTQ through the stock intercooler.

    Troy's APR Stage 2 Audi TT RS at 034Motorsport & NorCal Audi Club Meet

    Sam Sanches, 034Motorsport's Lead Customer Advocate, set up his DJ equipment and made sure that everyone was entertained between dyno runs.

    DJ Booth at 034Motorsport & NorCal Audi Club Meet

    The 034Motorsport Manufacturing Department was open for guided tours, and a number of our most popular Audi & Volkswagen Performance Parts were on display. Below you can see our Carbon Fiber B5 Audi RS4 2.7T Y-Pipe Upgrade, Billet Aluminum 1.8T High-Flow Fuel Rail, B5/B6/B7 Audi A4/S4/RS4 Spherical Front End Links, B5 Audi A4/S4/RS4 Quattro Solid Rear Sway Bar Upgrade, B5 Audi A4/S4/RS4 Quattro Rear Subframe Reinforcement Brackets, B5/B6/B7 Audi A4/S4/RS4 Camber Adjustable Front Upper Control Arms,  FP34 Surge Tank for Bosch 044 Fuel Pumps, and 3.2L VR6 24V Short Runner Intake Manifold.

    034Motorsport Manufacturing & Assembly Department

    Our Machining Center was also up and running, with our Haas Vertical Mills finishing up a run of our B5 Audi S4 2.7T Lightweight Flywheels.

    034Motorsport Machining Department & 2.7T Lightweight Flywheels

    Overall, 034Motorsport's 7th Annual Dyno Day & Open House was the biggest and best yet! We had a great group of Audi & Volkswagen enthusiast, hundreds of awesome cars, great weather, and tons (okay, hundreds of pounds...) of delicious food. We're so thankful to our customers and fans for their continued support, and hope to host many more events and get-togethers in the coming years!

    NorCal Audi Club Meet: 034Motorsport Dyno Day, Open House, and BBQ | Photo Gallery


    NorCal Audi Club Meet: 034Motorsport Dyno Day, Open House, and BBQ | Dyno Gallery

  • APR Tuned C7 Audi RS7 4.0T with Milltek Turbo-Back Exhaust

    APR Tuned C7 Audi RS7 4.0T Stage 1 with Milltek Turbo-Back Exhaust

    Bunty brought his 2015 Audi RS7 to 034Motorsport with some straightforward goals. He wanted it to be faster, and he wanted it to be LOUD. If you know us, then you know he came to the right place. After a few simple bolt-on modifications, his freshly tuned C7 Audi RS7 is capable of putting out a monstrous amount of power and sound, while remaining civil enough for everyday driving.

    APR Tuned C7 Audi RS7 4.0T Stage 1 with Milltek Turbo-Back Exhaust

    After exploring some options, Bunty decided on a Milltek C7 Audi RS7 Turbo-Back Performance Exhaust System, in the catless, non-resonated variety. This system replaces the factory exhaust system with free-flowing 2.75" diameter straight-pipes all the way back to a pair of ValveSonic valved mufflers feeding into the factory exhaust tips. The valved mufflers allow the exhaust note to remain civil at idle and cruise, but transform into a thunderous roar of twin turbo V8 noises under load.

    APR Tuned C7 Audi RS7 4.0T Stage 1 with Milltek Turbo-Back Exhaust

    With the exhaust system installed, we flashed APR's Stage 1 Audi RS7 v1.2 ECU Upgrade, increasing power to 645 crank horsepower on 91 octane, and up to 728 crank horsepower on 100 octane. To help minimize unwanted drivetrain movement with the added power, we installed a 034Motorsport C7 Audi RS7 Drivetrain Mount Insert Package. This comprehensive set of billet aluminum inserts install into the stock rubber transmission and differential mounts to ensure a locked-down drivetrain for more direct throttle response, crisper shifts, and harder launches.

    APR Tuned C7 Audi RS7 4.0T Stage 1 with Milltek Turbo-Back Exhaust

    The result is a phenomenal luxury sedan that retains every bit of the refinement it had from the factory during everyday driving, but is capable of tearing through the quarter mile in ~10.6 seconds on pump gas. While the unfiltered V8 sounds emanating from the Milltek Catless Non-Resonated Turbo-Back exhaust might not be for everyone, it ensures that this RS7 turns heads - even if you don't see it coming!

    APR Tuned C7 Audi RS7 4.0T Stage 1 with Milltek Turbo-Back Exhaust

    Featured Products | Bunty's Tuned C7 Audi RS7 4.0 TFSI

    Video | Tuned C7 Audi RS7 4.0 TFSI with Milltek Turbo-Back Exhaust

  • Compass 360 Racing to Field Audi TT RS in Pirelli World Challenge GTS with 034Motorsport as Technical Partner

    034Motorsport is excited to announce a technical partnership with Compass 360 to field an Audi TT RS in the Pirelli World Challenge GTS Class! The C360R and 034Motorsport teams have a busy schedule ahead to get the TT RS ready in time for the final two races of the 2015 season at Sonoma Raceway and Laguna Seca.

    034Motorsport & Compass 360 Racing to Field Audi TT RS in Pirelli World Challenge

    Compass 360 acquired a modified Audi TT RS, which finished a few races in the 2013 and 2014 Pirelli World Challenge seasons. The TT RS was delivered to 034Motorsport with minor crash damage to repair, and in need of a new engine before development, tuning, and testing can begin. The strip-down is already well underway, and 034Motorsport will be providing more details on the project as it progresses.

    In addition to the rebuild and chassis setup, the Audi's 2.5 TFSI engine will be refreshed with a new RS500 Audi TT RS Turbo Kit & Tuning Package. Custom race mapping will be performed in-house by 034Motorsport to ensure optimal performance on track, while adhering to all PWC Rules. Finally, 034Motorsport engineers will be providing track-side support for the Compass 360R Audi TT RS Race Car at Sonoma Raceway and Laguna Seca.

    Stay tuned for updates on the race car's rebuild as 034Motorsport and Compass 360 Racing look to turn the TT RS into a true Pirelli World Challenge contender in a GTS class that is dominated by Ford Mustang Boss 302s, Porsche Caymans, Aston Martin Vantage GT4s, and even a factory-backed Kia team!


    Sonoma Raceway: Friday, August 28th - Sunday, August 30th

    Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca: Friday, September 11th - Sunday, September 13th

    About Compass 360 Racing

    C360R is a multiple-championship-winning race team that fields Audis IMSA's TUDOR United Sportscar Championship and Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge, as well as Hondas in SCCA Pro's Pirelli World Challenge.

    About 034Motorsport

    034Motorsport is an automotive engineering firm specializing in performance products, tuning, racing, and service for Audi vehicles. With extensive experience racing both a modified Audi TT RS street car and Audi Sport TT RS VLN SP4T race car, 034Motorsport plans to further develop the platform in order to be competitive in the Pirelli World Challenge GTS Class.

  • Dillon's Big Turbo B5 Audi A4 1.8T Quattro


    We met Dillon when he first moved to the Bay Area about 7 years ago, and his 1998.5 Audi A4 1.8TQM was already a work in progress. With a built engine, custom turbo setup and piggyback engine management, this Big Turbo B5 Audi A4 1.8T Quattro was well on its way to making good power, but had some tuning and drivability issues to sort out in order to make the most of his setup.

    Dillon initially approached 034Motorsport to get rid of his piggyback engine management in favor of our Custom Motronic ME5 Tuning for the factory ECU. We've since worked with his A4 through numerous upgrades and setup changes, installing new parts and optimizing the software to ensure optimal performance. In the past few years, this A4 has evolved into a formidable machine that is equally capable on the street and track, with a clean OEM+ look to match.


    Today, Dillon's A4 features a fully-built AEB Block, stroked to 92.8mm with a Forged ABA Crankshaft and bored to accommodate  83mm Forged JE Pistons for a total of 2,008cc of displacement. Scat Forged Rods join the pistons to the crank, and are capable of handling the impressive torque that his big turbo setup delivers. Compression was dropped to 8.5:1 to allow for adequate timing and boost on 91 octane fuel, and the bottom end was buttoned up with 034Motorsport Coated Rod & Main Bearings and Raceware Head Studs & Main Studs for peace of mind.

    A ported, polished, and blended ADR Cylinder Head is bolted to the top, with Schirck 252/260 Cams, Supertech Oversized Intake & Exhaust Valves, High-Rate Valve Springs, Titanium Retainers, and an Autotech Adjustable Cam Gear. A Precision CEA 5557 Turbocharger breathes through an AEM DryFlow Air Filter and 034Motorsport 85mm HPX MAF Housing, into a 034Motorsport Front-Mount Intercooler and through a VR6 DBC Throttle Body bolted to an Integrated Engineering Intake Manifold. The exhaust side features a SPA Turbo Manifold, Tial 38mm Wastegate, 034Motorsport 3" SPA Downpipe, and 034Motorsport 3" V-Band Exhaust System. An upgraded Bosch 0344 Drop-In Fuel Pump feeds a set of 750cc EV14 Fuel Injectors housed in a 034Motorsport 1.8T Billet Fuel Rail to make sure that there is plenty of fuel available under boost. A South Bend OFE DXD Stage 4 Clutch and Unorthodox Racing Flywheel replaced the stock dual-mass flywheel and clutch to hold the new-found torque.


    The factory Bosch ME5 ECU was custom calibrated on 034Motorsport's Mustang AWD Dyno at 25 PSI on 91 octane fuel, with Dillon's Big Turbo A4 putting down an impressive 364 horsepower and 302 foot-pounds of torque at the wheels.


    To make sure the rest of the A4 can keep up with the added power, Dillon added a larger brakes for the front and rear, as well as some SSR wheels with stickier Dunlops 245s all around. A Stasis TrackSport Coilover Suspension, 034Motorsport Rear Sway Bar, and Rear Subframe Reinforcement Kit keep the chassis composed through corners, which can now be entered at much higher speed.


    Builds like Dillon's Big Turbo A4 showcase the performance potential and tunability of the B5 chassis and 1.8T engine. The finished product is a unique car that is the result of a "form follows function" approach to modding, ensuring plenty of performance and a solid foundation for future upgrades and improvements. 034Motorsport is proud to work with enthusiasts like Dillon who are interested in more than simple bolt-ons and aesthetic modifications, and are constantly thinking about pushing their project to the ext level of performance.

    Mod List | Dillon’s Big Turbo B5 Audi A4 1.8T Quattro


    Bottom End:

    Turbo / Exhaust:

    Intake / Fueling:


    Suspension / Steering:

    Wheels / Brakes:

    Exterior / Interior:

    • Custom OEM Avus Silver (LY7J) Paint with Brilliant Black (LY9B) Roof insert
    • Rolled Fenders
    • OEM S4 Front Bumper, S4 Sideskirts and Door Trim, and S4 Rear Bumper Valance
    • OEM RS4 Front Grill
    • Recaro Speed Cloth Reclinable Seats with Wedge Engineering Brackets and Sliders
    • PLX Devices DM6 MultiGauge: Air/Fuel, Boost and Oil Pressure on Touchscreen Display

    Interested in making your Audi go faster? Check out our B5 Audi A4 1.8T Performance Parts Catalog or visit the 034Motorsport Service Department - San Francisco Bay Area's Premier Audi Tuning, Maintenance, and Repair Facility!

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