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Monthly Archives: July 2011


    OVERVIEW: The 034 EFI STAGE I ECU's are lower cost and feature packed! They fill the need for those looking for a simpler yet fully capable system, in either fuel only, or with distributor ignition added, or 4 cylinder Waste Spark ignition!, The STAGE I ECU's uses the fastest, most...

    OVERVIEW: The 034 EFI STAGE II ECU is a progression of the original low cost, feature packed 034EFI ECU. The original was a fuel only engine controller that allowed a straightforward approach to replacing factory CIS, carbeuration and other EFI fuel control. The STAGE II ECU continues with an even...
  • 012/016/01E Short Shifter Install

    Your kit will include the following: One stainless steel shifter body (long, round, with a half- ball on the bottom) One aluminum shifter clamp (small, rectangular) One tall, skinny spring (green) One 12mm rubber O-ring One 12mm snap ring One white plastic half-ball One small white plastic bushing One M6x...
  • AAN High Output Coil Conversion Installation

    Tools Required: 5mm Allen Wrench Screw Driver 1/4” Drill 10mm wrench Installation Disconnect battery ground Remove 4 bolts securing stock coilpack to engine, remove 2 ¼ turn bolts securing black plastic cover behind engine. Unplug stock coil harness from 2 power output stages, 2 coil power connectors, and remove the...

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