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The 80TQ is where it all began. It's the birth of 034Motorsport and helped thrust the company forward to where we are today. The unassuming, yet infamous, 034Motorsport 80TQ acted as the testbed for early 034EFI standalone engine management and complementary go-fast hard goods that propelled Audi 5-cylinder cars into new levels of power. 


1988 Audi 80TQ | Hardware & Software Upgrades


  • 2309cc, 83mm bore, stock 86.4mm stroke 7A crank and block (bored to 83mm from 82.5mm)
  • Port matched, flowed 7A head, 230cft at .4" lift, 28" water (stock was 188cfm). Machined for RS2 water manifold
  • O-ringed block, .005" proud, .065" 034Motorsport annealed copper head gasket with MLS, rubber coated sealing layers
  • 83mm JE pistons, 8.3:1 CR, 144mm 034Motorsport rods, ARP 2000 rod bolts, ARP headstuds and crank bearing studs
  • CAT Cams 272/264 camshaft set with 11.2mm lift, 112d lobe center
  • Custom 304 Stainless Steel 034EFI long runner header with T3 exhaust flange
  • Full 3" downpipe and exhaust system with wastegate dump open to atmosphere
  • 3B Intake manifold and throttle body
  • Custom 034Motorsport/SPEC Sintered Iron Clutch with dual spring fingers
  • 034EFI Stage IIc EFI system with direct fire (coil per cyl) ignition
  • 75# Injectors

Chassis & Drivetrain




1988 Audi 80TQ | Events, Media, Press


  • 2013 No Fly Zone II 1/2 Mile Drag Race


  • Javad Shadzi

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