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Turbo Kit, 7A Audi 20v 5-cylinder

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Turbo Kit, 7A Audi 20v 5-cylinder

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SKU: 19679
Manufacturer: 034Motorsport

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Finally the 7A turbo kit is available after years of development!  The 7A Audi 20v 5-cylinder engine is an amazing engine, built strong from the factory, it is plauged by weak tuning, but in turbo form its brought to life with a broad torque band and great top end power all the way to 7000rpm.

Our turbo kits includes all major components of the conversion and best of all, include a custom tuned chipset to handle all tuning needs using the stock ECU.

Parts included in the kit are:

  • Garrett/Honeywell OEM T-Series T3/T4 Turbocharger with 50-trim compressor wheel, Stage III turbine wheel and .63AR turbine housing rated for up to 340HP, full boost by 3000 RPM
  • Internal wastegate housing, bracket and actuator for 7ps boost.
  • 034EFI Chip set Tune specific to the turbo kit, tuned to work with our big MAF
  • Turbo Oil Line Kit with fittings and adapters, high quality braded stainless hoses and compression fittings
  • Custom cast 034Motorsport 7A exhaust manifold, high ductile iron
  • 034Motorsport Compression Dropping Head Gasket to lower compression to 9.5:1 for optimal timing advance and safety.
  • 034Motorsport CNC'd Billet MAF housing which houses the 7A MAF element and is larger than the stock MAF for superior tuning and flow
  • 034Motorsport custom molded silicone hoses for turbo inlet and outlet, with all clamps
  • High flow HKS low profile air filter
  • Port plug for removing the idle control valve which is no longer used with our tuning
  • 034Motorsport Bypass Valve with associated vacuum tubing
  • Turbo inlet gasket, exhaust manifold flange gasket, and all gaskets for oil lines
  • 034Motorsport CNC Mandrel bent 2.5" Stainless Steel downpipe that bolts up to stock catalytic converter (3" Coupe Quattro exhaust system also available)
  • Hose provision included to tie in factory crankcase ventilation system to turbo inlet hose

The Stage I kit is rated for approximately 200 wheel HP or 250 crank HP.  Power comes on at 2500 and full boost is achieved by 3000 RPM, power builds all the way to redline.  The powerband is very nice, this is how the car should have been supplied from the factory.  Drivability and tuning are excellent and match OEM.

Some notes about this kit:

  • This kit should be run on our 7A Injector kit, if you don't have it, it can be purchased here.  We cannot guarantee performance or tuning on stock injectors.
  • The OEM idle motor is removed from this kit to simplify tuning and installation, and we have found that many 7A motors have faulty idle motors anyway.  By adjusting the throttle stop and manipulating the tuning, we are able to hold a strong steady idle speed with this kit.  We supply a plug for the ISV port on the factory intake manifold.
  • The factory intake manifold and throttle body are both used and maintained in this kit.
  • Factory AC is maintained with this kit.
  • The turbo oil drain line will require drilling and tapping a 1/2" NPT port in the oil pan extension.
  • A compression dropping headgasket is supplied with this kit to allow optimal timing advance and engine safety.  We attempted to do a lower boost tune with stock compression but results were poor due to low timing #'s and detonation.  Our new headgasket is "multi-layer-steel" which is a higher quality gasket than the pressed paper factory gasket.
  • All tuning and power figures were measured and tested with a factory exhaust and catalytic converter in place, upgrading these components will surely result in power increases.
  • We recommend running stock spark plugs with this kit, we also recommend having done a recent tune up and having had a timing belt job current with 60k mile intervals.  If you are unsure about either of these, we recommend doing them at the time of installation to ensure the best results.
  • The turbo we supply with this kit is an economical yet very high quality OEM Garrett/Honeywell unit.  It is rated for up to 350+HP, this is 100HP more than the Stage I kit an will allow good upgrade paths in the future while still being fast spooling and efficient at the Stage I level.
  • The Stage I kit includes only oil lines, but water lines are available if you'd like to water cool the turbo, which may have provisions for it, but can be used oil only if you prefer to simplify the installation.  Oil only turbos are reliable, just sensibly cool down the engine before shutting it off.
  • Stage II chip tuning for running boost at 14psi is available with a proper intercooler and larger injectors installed, power output for Stage II is rated at 250 wheel HP or 315 crank HP (same as factory RS2). It requires a manual boost controller to control boost, or we can supply a 14psi wastegate actuator.  We do not currently offer an intercooler kit that will fit behind the stock bumper, but do offer a kit that will fit behind an OEM or replica RS2 bumper, and also includes a high flow intake manifold.  Conact us for more information about Stage II if you are interested.

The in-house test bed which we developed this kit on is a joy to drive with smooth power and a strong power band all the way to redline...if only you could so easily get this level of power and TQ out of a 1.8t engine. 

Revive your old Coupe or 90 20v with power that matches its incredible chassis.

Note, this is a large kit with many customizable options, allow 1-2 weeks for preparation not including delivery.

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 19679
Manufacturer 034Motorsport