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Strut Mount, Early Audi, Density Line

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Strut Mount, Early Audi, Density Line

Part Number: 034-601-1001
Manufacturer: 034Motorsport

Key Features / Product Warranty

We are VERY excited to be announcing the release of our 034Motorsport Street Density and Track Density strut mounts for early vintage Audis!

We've been testing these mounts for some time to ensure they are reliable and meet the criterion for the intended use - results so far are very exciting!

WHAT THEY ARE: A new line of rubber strut mounts made FOR us by OE suppliers to OUR specifications.

STREETDENSITY Mounts are solid rubber mounts with a 60 durometer about the same rubber stiffness as stock, but because they are voidless this means they still ride smooth and quiet but provide a marked improvement in drivetrain dampening over stock mounts. Livable street performance with serious sport intentions. Note, since there are no voids or air pockets in these mounts, even though the rubber is only 10% stiffer, the resulting reduction in drivetrain movement is actually 25% stiffer.

This is a great choice if you are looking for the smooth quiet ride of stock but want increased control and longevity.  Since the Density Strut Mounts feature a solid rubber top portion they don't collapse like stock mounts, expect these to last for years of performance.

TRACKDENSITY Mounts are also solid rubber mounts, but with an 80 durometer approx 90% stiffer than stock, these are solid for all practical purposes and result in very good upper strut location with little slop or movement.  Perfect for aggressive street use or track/rally use.

NOTE, THIS IS NOT AN OE MOUNT, AND ARE NOT AVAILABLE FROM ANY OTHER SOURCE - These are built by an OE supplier to 034Motorsport specifications. Comprably priced to stock mounts, and half the price of other options on the market, Density Strut Mounts are a great choice for stock replacement, high performance driving or track use.

034 Density Line

Mounts will fit front and rear in most early Audi including UrQuattro, 4000/Coupe GT, B3 and B4 80/90/Coupe Quattro, S2, RS2 and others.  Includes new steel retaining cup.

Choose stiffness below, price PER mount, one car will need 2 for each axle, or 4 mounts total.

Please Note: Replacement OEM strut mount bushings are available as an option below.



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by Patrick Witwer
I got the mounts installed and I can already feel the difference. I also replaced the struts so everything is new and feels great! I recommend doing the struts too if you get the mounts. Definatley a plus.