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Stage IIc ECU

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Stage IIc ECU

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The 034 EFI STAGE II ECU is a progression of the original low cost, feature packed 034EFI ECU. The original was a fuel only engine controller that allowed a straightforward approach to replacing factory CIS, carbeuration and other EFI fuel control. The STAGE II ECU continues with an even faster microprocessor used in some of the newest factory OEM applications. Unlike other controllers on the market with processors developed in the 80's, the STAGE II ECU uses the fastest, most up-to-date microprocessor available. Ignition programmability is now also a part of the 034 EFI product, including Direct Fire Distributorless! For the ultimate in tuning accuracy and performance, now fuel and ignition can be programmed precisely for every application. STAGE Iic is now available, and all a, b and c levels of the STAGE II ECU use the same hardware, so upgrading to the next level is a simple software flash away, upgrading the controller will never be necessary.The ECU uses what is often called the speed density method for fuel calculation. The basic operation is simple. The ECU receives trigger information from the hall sender or a timing wheel, and fires ignition and injects fuel with a pulse width that is proportional to the engines current load. The 034 STAGE II ECU uses many other variable parameters in order to precisely control any engine. These parameters are variable because different engine systems need different values to control an running performance. This is why few people successfully adapt OEM engine controllers for use on different engines that were not designed for that system.


The 034EFI STAGE II ECU is developed to be:
- Powerful - Flexible - Accurate - Value packed - Easy to tune - AND Affordable Please read more about the 034EFI Stage II Specifications below...

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