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Stage C v1.02 Firmware Upgrade

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Stage C v1.02 Firmware Upgrade

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Manufacturer: 034EFI

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This upgrade is for any Stage C users (both I and II series ECU's), for all firmware versions prior to 1.02, upgrade pricing is dependant on ECU style, and current firmware version. A screenshot of your 'about' page must be sent to firmwareupdate@034motorsport.com to recieve this update. This release is a major software and feature update for all the 'C' level ECU's. 

NOTE - updates typically take 1-2 days to generate to plan accordingly!


  • 16x16 3d timing map in addition to the current maps, this will allow you to have extremely good resolution across the board, while still retaining the quick timing map setup you have now with the 2d tables. The 3d table can be your primary timing table, as seen below, or it can simply be a 'trim' table, with the traditional 2d tables defining the majority of the timing curve.

  • 5.5d fueling tables will greatly help guys with nasty cams/itbs who have poor MAP sensor resolution in some areas. These new maps will give you two full 16x16 tps based tables, one for tps based injection quantity, and another tps/rpm based blending table, so you can choose when you want to lean on the tps sensor with extreme accuracy.
  • Startup timing and fueling enrichment with set rpm breakpoints and post-start enrichment timer.
  • Timing based idle control, allows the ECU to retard/advance timing to adjust for small fluctuations in idle speed.


  • 2-wire GPO based closed loop idle will let you use a 'standard' 2-wire ISV in closed loop-fashion using GPO 1 or 2. The GPO output can be programmed for any operational range and direction of the motor to accommodate as many different styles as possible.


  • Onboard Diagnostics mode, lets you test each injector and coil with a click of the mouse


  • Minimum injection value per channel any time your above your decel cutoff point, the absolute lowest injection value calculated can be locked with this setting. This greatly helps idle stability and engine decel to idle operation with very large injectors that are operating right at their lowest physical opening time.

  • Input configuration To suit as many setups as possible several ecu inputs can now be mapped to various functions. Configurable pins are: Map Select, Trig-B, Trig-IDX, and the AUX. pin.


  • Custom sensor calibrations Capability to now map the response curve of all temperature and pressure sensors for the ECU.


  • Wheel speed input fully configurable wheel speed input with gear mapping for up to 7 gears

  • Gear based boost/GPO control allows 4 completely independent closed or open-loop boost tables to be assigned to any gear you choose.


  • Flat shift system allows you to install a clutch-based switch that turns off injectors and/or pulls timing for a specified period of time, allowing you to keep your right foot down 'flat' while rowing through the gears.
  • Extremely advanced launch and rev-limiting control system. We've added a pile of new rev limiters and strategies to let you lock and hold your desired RPM with as much or little boost as you want. There are 6 different rev limiters now, 3 for each mode (normal operation/launch control). With this you can set fuel cuts, hard ignition cuts, ignition cut strategy (how many ignition events you want to drop in a row, what pattern you want to drop, etc).

Here's a quick example of us testing it in the time attack car. With this setup we used a hard-ignition cut at 6300RPM with 30d of timing getting pulled at 6000 rpm. This gave us approx 5psi of boost off the line and a launch point we could easily hold before take off:



  • Closed loop lambda table is now a 9x9 table for greater resolution
  • Main fueling table increments down to .001 for finer adjustment
  • Additional phases 4 additional phase tables have been added for 16 total, even more injector/coil phasing options now.



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Additional Information

SKU 19968
Manufacturer 034EFI