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Redline Fuel System Cleaner

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Redline Fuel System Cleaner

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Part Number: 385

Key Features / Product Warranty

We love this stuff, its the only fuel system cleaner we use. If you have a motor that's never had Redline fuel system cleaner through it, you'll notice a difference right off the bat in smoother running. We could keep talking about it, but here is what Redline has to say about it:

"SI-1's injector and valve detergent is a concentrated package of the most powerful high-temperature detergents available to clean gasoline fuel injectors, intake valves and combustion chambers. SI-1 Complete Fuel System Cleaner can clean injectors to nearly 100% efficiency in one treatment. The cleansing effect on injector deposits can raise fuel economy approximately 12% or even greater, depending on the condition of the injectors. Although many gasolines advertise injector cleanliness, GM presented a paper to the SAE which indicates that their customers encountered injector plugging with all major brands of gasoline (SAE 861533). SI-1 also contains detergents and a synthetic upper cylinder lubricant which will help clean the intake valves, pollution control valves, combustion chamber deposits and carburetors. One bottle of SI-1 to a tank of fuel can reduce octane requirements by two numbers. SI-1 also protects the fuel system from rust. One bottle treats up to 100 gallons. Safe for continual use."

No go clean up you filthy bastage.