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Redline 20w50 Synthetic Oil

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Redline 20w50 Synthetic Oil

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Part Number: 309

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If you run a high output turbo motor, you are probably using Mobil 1, probably because it comes in at about $4 a quart.

We used to use Mobil 1 for this same reason, but when we'd push a motor hard on the street or track, oil pressure would drop, and the lifters would start ticking. This was concerning, so we started testing some different oils, we found REDLINE to be the best oil we tested. Solid oil pressure, holds up well to torturous heat of a turbo motor, no more ticking lifters, better protection of engine components.

We recommend using only Redline 20w50 in your turbocharged motor. If you think its expensive, consider that 5 quarts are likely cheaper than your last tank of premium fuel, and you use the premium fuel for a reason, correct? We thought so ;)

Price per quart, order quantity 12 for a case.