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PSi Raceline Adjustable Coilover Suspension, B5 Audi A4/S4/RS4 Quattro, Ohlins TTX

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PSi Raceline Adjustable Coilover Suspension, B5 Audi A4/S4/RS4 Quattro, Ohlins TTX

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This Ohlins TTX based suspension system for the B5 Audi A4/S4/RS4 is designed for enthusiasts participating in HPDE and track related events. It features a twin tube design providing positive pressure build-up and has proven itself far superior to conventional techniques used in other racing dampers. Low internal friction, vast adjustment range and responsiveness even at the smallest strokes are amongst its virtues.

The standard configuration is 2-way adjustable; low-speed compression (LSC) and low-speed rebound (LSR), but is easily upgradeable to 3 or even 4-way adjustable. A major advantage with the TTX36 inline damper is the integral reservoir that makes it very compact and easy to package (front damper), without the need to route external reservoir lines. The top eye can easily be re-clocked without opening the damper. No longer is the balancing of reservoir damping ("can stack") to main piston damping required to avoid cavitation. With no reservoir valve, the internal pressure of the damper unit will be kept to a minimum. The low amount of hysteresis results in excellent short stroke/high force performance. The Ohlins TTX range of shocks require very low gas pressure which considerably improves grip without any loss of damping performance.
  • No Reservoir Hoses/Canisters to Route
  • Extremely Broad External Adjustment Range (22 Clicks Bump/Rebound)
  • Low Internal Friction
  • Direct Damping Response & Low N2 Pressure
  • TTX36 "Inline Reservoir" Front Damper
  • TTX36 "Piggyback Reservoir" Rear Damper
  • Reduced Unsprung Weight
  • TIG-Welded Stainless Steel Upper Front Mounts
  • Includes Eibach ERS Springs
  • Extended Service Intervals Over Standard Monotube Designs
  • Assembled in USA, tested and proof of concept at 034Motorsport.

Made in conjunction with our development partner PSi, and tested/prototyped on the 034Motorsport shop Avant product development vehicle.

This part is featured on our Time Attack B5 Audi A4!

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Additional Information

SKU 23039
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