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034EFI Engine Management

We offer a wide selection of 034EFI Engine Management options. If you have any questions, or if there is something you are looking for that is not listed On Line, please contact us here.

About Our Stand Alone ECU
034EFI stand alone engine management systems are the most affordable, more powerful, simple to tune system on the market today. There are more powerful systems for 2-3 times the cost, more simple systems with far less tuning potential, and significantly more complicated to tune systems with much less ability - 034EFI systems have been created to meet the balance in all these areas.

Stage I systems provide up to 2 coil drivers, 6 injector drivers and up to 2 GPO's, Ia systems are sequential fuel only, Ib add distributor ignition, Ic systems add degree based, crank fire sequential ignition (2-cyl) or waste spark (4-cyl) with up to 2 - 3D GPO's.

Stage II systems provide up to 8 coil drivers, 8 injector drivers and 4 GPO's. IIa systems are sequential fuel only, IIb add distributor ignition, IIc systems add degree based, crank fire sequential ignition (up to 8-cyl) or waste spark (10-16-cyl) with up to 2 - 3D GPO's.

034EFI systems offer flexible phase based setup tables that allow the control of virtually _any_ motor - even fire, odd fire, rotary, 1-16 cylinders with timing resolution to 1/4 degree ("c" systems) and operation to over 30k rpm. Injector and GPO drivers are rated at 8 Amps meaning multiple high or low impedance injectors can easily be used, coil drivers are rated at over 25A created the most powerful spark on the market (most of our competitors use 1A drivers requiring a CDI or external power stage).

Most of the tuning is done in 3 main screens using our intuitive windows based software interface. Pop-up tips in each programmable field, our in-depth tuning manuals, helpful forums and the provided tech support ensure there is no question you won't have answered as soon as you need.

We are a company dedicated to not only providing, but supporting the customer through the install and tuning process, we're looking forward to helping with your project!


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