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MANLY FLUID ASSORTMENT for Turbocharged Applications

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MANLY FLUID ASSORTMENT for Turbocharged Applications

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SKU: 034-9ZZ-0000


Are you a man?

If not, are you manly?

Does the fluidy shit that you bought at Walmart flash-smoke at even the sight of your turbo?

Want to feel like a man again?

We thought so, welcome to our new "MANLY FLUID ASSORTMENT" here at 034Motorsport.

A selection of nuclear rated, military specification, 2400 degree F, Teflon impergnated, cutting, locking, lubricating and anti-seizing mo-fricken fluids that even Zeus would implement on his quad-turbo, tripple-charged chariot of MANHOOD.


Purchase our "MANLY FLUID ASSORTMENT" in a package and save.

Includes one each of our:

-Nuclear Grade Cutting Paste, 4oz tube

-2100F Thread Locker

-2400F Anti-seize compount

-Teflon Based, 500F Thread Sealer

Note - due to increases in the cost of manliness, there has been a price increase for this product.

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Additional Information

SKU 034-9ZZ-0000
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