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Exhaust System, B5 S4, 3.5"

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Exhaust System, B5 S4, 3.5"

Part Number: 20366
Manufacturer: 034Motorsport

Key Features / Product Warranty

After months of testing and engineering to ensure the perfect fit and performance, we are happy to announce our B5 S4 3.5" exhaust system.  Fully mandrel bent and made from stainless steel, these systems offer the following features:

  • Fully mandrel bent tubing for full cross sectional flow
  • 304 series stainless steel
  • Hand fabricated at 034Motorsport
  • CNC machined V-band flanges for connections, also band clamp connections for flexible installation and adjustability
  • Available with single or dual muffler configuration
  • Minimal drone on light load and cruising, the sound of a "raped ape" on wide open throttle
  • Available with midpipes to accomodate virtually any exhaust configuration, choose below.
  • Raw tip available as straight 3.5", leave as-is or customize with tip of your choice.  Also choose 4" slant cut below.
  • Exhaust priced with single muffler, add second muffler below for quieter sound.

Midpipes are required for bolt-on installation! Please select from one of the two available options!

We have developed 2 versions of the midpipe to accomodate either of the following options:

  • Version 1, "Stock Fit" - 034Motorsport 3.5" Exhaust with OEM or stock-fit downpipes, this positions the exhaust system to connect to downpipes just like a factory exhaust would.  This means that you could install the 034 3.5" exhaust with stock downpipes, or any downpipes on the market that fit with stock exhaust including our 3" downpipes with midpipes.
  • Version 2, "Dual 3" Downpipes" - 034Motorsport 3.5" Exhaust with 034Motorsport 3" Downpipes. This midpipe allows 034 downpipes to mate directly to the 3.5" exhaust for maximum flow, out of the turbo into 3" downpipe, into dual 3" midpipe transitioning into 3.5" exhaust.  This means if you've purchased our downpipes in the past, you would not use the midpipes you arleady have, but would purchase this new dual 3" to 3.5" midpipe.  The advantage to this configuration is that there is no necking down to 55mm to accomodate stock connections, full 3" to 3.5" flow is maintainied. Note, 3" High Flow Cats can be added to this version of the midpipe.


  • 2000 - 2002 Audi S4/RS4 (B5)
    • 2.7T

Choose options below. 

We normally stock these systems, but since they can be tailored to suit give 1-2 weeks for delivery time, if you absolutely need to have them sooner contact us for expidited options.





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by Kurt Deschler
I have the full 3.5" exhaust with dual mufflers and cats on on my DD K04 setup. Fit and finish is excellent. Sounds awesome and no droning. It helps to use 5/16" locking collars on the hangers to keep the exhaust centered. You lose some ground clearance in the back with the 3.5 piping and a little more with the mufflers but the clearance is still fine to deal with speed bumps, etc.