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Complete Longitudinal 1.8T Eliminator Turbo Kit w/ Software & Fueling

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Complete Longitudinal 1.8T Eliminator Turbo Kit w/ Software & Fueling

Part Number: 17552

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Complete Longitudinal 1.8T Eliminator Turbo Kit w/ Software & Fueling

034 Motorsport is now selling complete Eliminator turbo kits with 034Motorsport Big Turbo Software, 2.75" MAF Housing, and Genesis 415CC injectors at a package price.

This is bolt in turbo kit, using a genuine Garrett CHRA in a custom KKK exhaust housing. Includes all installation accessories, instructions, etc to be a direct fit power solution for any longitudinalmount1.8TA4/Passat.

The GTRS Eliminator is capable of producing 350 crank horsepower. We also offer an option to upgrade to the GT2871R Eliminator, which flows enough for 400 crank horsepower.

Always wanted "blow the doors off an S4" power for A4 money? This kit is definitely for you.

Option - Include a high flow exhaust manifold, silicone inlet hose, test pipe, or intercooler with this kit and save even more! Any product added on this page will be shipped free of charge. Choose options below.

* Please Note: Specify B5 or B6, as well as your engine code, when ordering.

** Please Note: Your ECU must be sent in to be tuned. Return shipping from 034Motorsport is included in the price of the kit.




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by rian wittman
this kit is amazing! i previously had a ko4 kit with giac software running 23 pounds of boost. i am now only running 17-18 pounds of boost and my car is wayyyyyyy faster! it goes from 60 to 100 faster than it used to go from 40 to 60. the car idles better, goes through the rpm range smoother, and overall has a lot more power. this kit fit right in with only one minor modification. it was definately worth the money. i would recommend this kit to anyone and everyone. if anyone has any questions they can call me at 503-983-1424.