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Catch Can, Vortex Breather, Universal

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Catch Can, Vortex Breather, Universal

Part Number: 034-101-4000
Manufacturer: 034Motorsport

Key Features / Product Warranty

After searching for a large capacity, proper "Vortex" style catch can for years, we finally made our own to our specifications.

8" tall, 3" diameter, holds .25 gallons or about 1 liter. Large 1" inlet and outlets for free breathing. 1/4" NPT outlet drain.

Vortex design means incoming gasses hit round cylinder wall being forces to spin in a "vortex", centrifugal force  causes oil and water particles to fling outward and drain down the walls to be collected or returned to the sump.

The outlet on the can extends down 4" inside the can to create a baffle and  prevent incoming fluids to being expelled directly out of the can.

This breather can is recommended for all high performance applications to remove oil vapor from the intake tract.

Sold in a black powdercoated finish.

Note: Pair with 1" Breather Filter to easily expel gasses out of can.


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by Ed Torres
Great, it did made some differences in my 1989 QC. I used the filter set up, but fumes are cooming in. It is my daily driver. I am going to router back to the intake to fumes go back t the engine. After all I just need to get the water out, wich is doing superbelly.