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Camshaft Set, 1.8t, CAT Billet 3658

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Camshaft Set, 1.8t, CAT Billet 3658

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For years we have tested various camshaft designs on the market, we have finally tested and run a camshaft set we can recommend and stock for customers to benefit from.

Many camshaft sets for the 1.8t on the market are either too mild or too aggressive for turbocharging, we've found the CAT 3658 Billet offer the optimal cam profile for the average big turbo 1.8t build.  On our 2.2 liter Time Attack A4 we've seen impressive gains of over 15% at peak power and solid powerband gains at the TQ peak as wel over stock AEB cams.

On a typical big turbo motor with a GT2871R turbo or larger, low range losses will be minimal, these cams can cause a loss of power over stock cams below 3000rpm as a rough guideline.  We strongly recommend accurately degreeing these cams during installation to prevent engine damage as well as ensuring peak performance.

These cams feature:

  • Duration at .1mm - 267 / 262 degrees
  • Duration at 1mm - 226 / 217
  • Peak lift - 9.25 / 9.95mm
  • Lift at TDC - 1.3 / 0.95mm
  • Lobe Center when installed with adjustable sprockets at 0 degrees - 110 degreres, we recommend setting at 114 for the average turbo motor for maximum midrange power and efficiency and revving to 8000rpm or less.  For higher strung, higher revving motors, smaller lobe centers should be tested.
  • Machined from a solid steel billet, not cast, avoid any breaking problems or accelerated wear.
  • Ground to be used with OEM Hydraulic Lifters
  • Nitride coated for long life and wear resistance
  • Fully adjustable chain sprockets for maximum flexibility, we also recommend running an adjustable cam gear to faciliate accurate degreeing as well as tune optimizing on the dyno for example.
  • Can be used with VVT as long as piston-to-valve clearances are checked, we recommend always having at least 1mm clearance or more, using VVT massive gains in low end TQ as well as peak HP can be had

We typically stock these cam sets so we can ship asap, to make sure feel free to inquire before placing an order.

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Additional Information

SKU 20105
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