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Bosch Tri-Electrode Copper Spark Plug, Heat Range 6, Non-Resistor

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Bosch Tri-Electrode Copper Spark Plug, Heat Range 6, Non-Resistor

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SKU: 034-107-6001


This is the high quality Bosch plug we use in our ultra-high output engine builds and our 950+HP Audi 20v 80 Quattro. One heat range hotter than the F5DPOR, we've found that this plug does not foul as easily and provides a hotter, more powerful spark than any other plug we've tested, including much more expensive "Iridium" plugs.  Also outperforms Bosch Platinum plugs.

Bosch heat range 6, good all around turbo plug, can also be used for NA applications as well.

We do not recommend this plug for engines with distributors as the gap is too large and causes spark scatter inside the distributor cap.

Pre-gapped from the factory, just thread in and use.

Highly recommended for high output 20v I4, 2.7tt and I5 turbo applications.

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Additional Information

SKU 034-107-6001
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Excellent plug for boosted applications!
I am a certified ASE master tech and have been turbocharging high output 4 cylinder (Toyota, BMW, Audi) motors since the 80's. Noticed a big difference after installation!
B7 w/ APR stg.1. Pulls hard all the way to red line!!!! Definitely need to be replaced more often than say "Platinum ". Considering the price and the benefits, it's a pleasure to replace when needed.
Review by maharaj / (Posted on 1/16/2015)