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Boost Control Valve, N75H "Race"

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Boost Control Valve, N75H "Race"

Part Number: 034-145-D004

Key Features / Product Warranty

034H "Race" Valve

This OEM-style boost control solenoid is the fastest reacting valve with the higest boost capacity of the N75 valves we've tested.  It also works well for universal application boost control like with our new Stage I and IIc ECU's.  Known as the "H" or "Race" valve, it came stock on 2.2 Turbo 5-cylinder applications like AAN, and offers a 1-2 psi boost increase in newer 1.8T and 2.7T applications.

These valves are a "bleed" type valve, boost signal pressure to the WG is bled off to raise boost, simple 2-wire PWM solenoid.

Installation Note: Bottom port to turbo pressure, short side port to wastegate, long side leg to turbo inlet or vacuum or atmosphere.




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by Sean Riedel
034h race valve. works well with my b6 1.8t with stock ecu. im seeing better spoolup around 3200 rpms and it pulls smoother through the rpms.