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Audi AAN S4 Spec Clutch Package w/Flywheel

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Audi AAN S4 Spec Clutch Package w/Flywheel

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This clutch kit is for the Audi S4/S6 with the AAN 20vt motors and includes one of our 12lb, 5 cylinder aluminum flywheels.

This is a great, streetable setup with FAST revving in gears 1-3, also greatly improved rev-matching abilities for heal-toe shifting.

We really love the 3+ for a great dual street/track setup for applications up to 500HP, a sprung disk means no chatter and smooth drivability.

Kit includes everything needed to install - new pilot bearing, Throwout Bearing as well as proper flywheel bolts for the installation.

Also consider our 18lb steel flywheel option for stock like drivability and clutch engagement.

Stage 1: Stock-like daily drivability and very good wear characteristics. High clamp pressure plate, steel-backed and multi-compound woven organic material and high torque sprung hub and disc assembly. The perfect choice for a slight upgrade from stock type power levels, for example, just a chip modification.

Stage 2: Stock-like daily drivability and EXCELLENT wear characteristics. (Also good for stock power levels and spirited driving when good daily drivability and extremely long life are the goal.) High clamp pressure plate, full faced Kevlar friction material and high torque sprung hub and disc assembly. Good to about 400HP and mild abuse.

Stage 3: Offers decent drivability with a comfortable, stock-like pedal feel and quick engagement.  6-puck design is more prone to chatter so this is a better suited track or drag race setup. Good wear characteristics under low and high stress usage. High clamp pressure plate, 6 puck ceramic friction disc with high torque sprung hub and disc assembly, bearing and tool kit. This is a nice all around kit for the average highly modified project, good holding power to the 450HP range, great long life use.

Stage 3+: This is the ultimate High HP Street kit, offers excellent, stock-like daily drivability and better manageability than the stage 3 thanks to the full faced design, with even better wear characteristics. High clamp pressure plate, full-faced carbon metallic (Feramic) friction material, high torque sprung hub and disc assembly. We recommend this for street or track driven applications up to 550 crank HP, you simply will not wear this clutch out.

Stage 4: Somewhat less street-friendly due to more direct engagement. High clamp pressure plate, 6 puck ceramic disc with high torque rigid hub and carrier assembly. Note, unsprung hub means faster, more direct engagement and high HP rating, we recommend this kit for the 500HP range.

Stage 5: Very aggressive, immediate engagement, sintered iron friction surface, solid hub, 6 puck design. For the truly horsepower endowed, perfect for drag racing and 600+HP applications where abusive driving is the norm.

Stage 5+: Same disc as the stage 5, but with a customized dual spring diaphram pressure plate, a real left leg thigh builder. The absolute strongest holding clutch we offer, we've tested this to well over 700whp, and 30psi 2nd gear drag launches with not a single slip or clutch problem ever, and almost no wear in over 30 hours of hard abuse.

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Additional Information

SKU 034-502-0012
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