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Audi 034EFI 2.7t ECU Package

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Audi 034EFI 2.7t ECU Package

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SKU: 18872
Manufacturer: 034EFI


Full 034EFI plug in ECU package for the 2.7t as fit in the S4, RS4 and A6.

Fully programmable 034EFI ECU, gives full control of sequential ignition and fuel, closed loop boost control and all other engine running parameters.

For full feature list of 034EFI Stage IIc ECU

Includes fully Plug In ECU engine harness, all sensors are termnicated, ECU connectors plug in, only wiring required are to chassis power, ground, and switched ingnition. Harness includes our relay panel which incorporates relays and fuses cleanly to power and protect all sensors and output components.  Also includes harness adaptation to all of full fucntion of dash components like tach and water temp, and other systems such as ABS remain fully functional.

Also includes full Drive by cable conversion kit to remove drive by wire and implement a 75mm big bore throttle body to stock or RS4 intake manifolds.

We include a custom basemap set to your specifications, each ECU leaves fully configured and with base map.

This kit has been used high HP 2.7t kits exceeding 750 wheel HP only limited by turbo flow.

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 18872
Manufacturer 034EFI