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3 Baseline pulls

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3 Baseline pulls

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Part Number: 18445
Manufacturer: 034Motorsport

Key Features / Product Warranty

This is our most common dyno service.

Every pull will log Horsepower, Torque, Boost (if applicable), and Air/Fuel ratios. Additional inputs can be requested, there is typically a $10 fee per input added. Fees may change based on ease of setup for the desired data.

What you get will be 3 pulls with a cool down period in between. We will go over the vehicles health and performance with you between each run. You are also able to make quick changes between runs during the cool down period. To adjust things like boost pressure, fuel  pressure, water injection tweaking, etc.

We will provide you with printouts, and if desired can supply you with all the data from the pulls via email as well so you can save them and overlay future trips back to back at your convenience to see what your mods are netting you.