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Beanie, 034Motorsport "Skull Cap"

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Beanie, 034Motorsport "Skull Cap"

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SKU: 034-A01-0001
Manufacturer: 034Motorsport


Introducing the 034Motorsport Beanie!  Quality made, embroidered head warming device. 

A very versitile hat, other uses include:

  • Putting two on your knees as knee pads
  • Put on your feet and slide around on hardwood floors
  • If you get locked out of your house, put your hand inside it and punch through the glass of your door so you can unlock it
  • Stuff inside the front of your pants to take up any extra space inside there
  • When planking on top of a concrete filled, steel pilon, slide over the top to pad your chest from chafing
  • Tie onto the end of a long wooden stick to carry your lunch like Huck Finn
  • Prevent washing your hair for weeks by covering it
  • Get tons of hot babes
  • Slide over your cat's head and watch them crawl backwards for hours of enjoyment
  • Fill with coffee grinds and pour hot water over to brew yourself a cup of coffee
  • Use as a hot pad to remove casserole dishes from the oven (note, voids warranty)
  • Slide over your air filter to further keep dust out of your intake when racing in the Baja 500

One of the most utilitarian products we've ever offered!

Please Note: Under no circumstances should you pair the 034Motorsport Beanie with unkempt beard and trenchcoat while in public.

One size fits all

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 034-A01-0001
Manufacturer 034Motorsport