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T-Shirt, "034EFI"

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T-Shirt, "034EFI"

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Part Number: 034-A01-1000
Manufacturer: 034Motorsport

Key Features / Product Warranty

It all starts with momentum.

The hurling weight of steel creates inertia, the connecting rod pivots on the crank, lubricated by microns of oil, sending the piston careening upward, violently compressing fuel and air.

The block winces under the force.

With exact crank position known within 1/4 degree, the ECU unleashes voltage, charging the coil with over 45,000 volts of energy, released in a burst of amperage that can last over 5 milliseconds, erupting across the spark plug gap, detonating compressed air and fuel in an explosion so powerful and well timed it sends the piston whirling back towards earth.

Combustion propagates.

The power moves you, the pace of it is incomprehensible.

Voltage, fuel, air combined, compressed - ignited.