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034EFI RIP Chip, 7A

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034EFI RIP Chip, 7A

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Part Number: 22933
Manufacturer: 034EFI

Key Features / Product Warranty

The 034EFI RIP Chip (Reprogrammable Internal Performance Chip) is a very advanced chip and interface designed to allow any vehicle to be reprogrammed and remapped to optimize it’s potential. 034EFI base maps for various turbo and injector configurations are provided, and can be remapped using the 034EFI RIP Chip Software Interface for optimal performance.


  • The 034EFI RIP Chip is designed to be a direct replacement for the existing fuel/ignition chip in your stock ECU.
  • The 034EFI RIP Chip has 4 completely independent files stored on it at all times. Files are selectable with the included File Selection Cable.
  • The 034EFI RIP Chip is reprogrammable with any windows XP laptop and the included USB cable. This allows you to keep 4 active files on your 034EFI RIP Chip, with an unlimited number of files sitting on your laptop ready to be loaded up as needed.
  • Files can be remapped with the 034EFI RIP Chip Software Interface, giving you the freedom to dial in your setup as precisely as you want, how you want it.

What's Included:

  • 034EFI RIP Fuel/Ignition Chip (Pre-Loaded with Base Map)
  • 034EFI Boost Chip
  • USB Interface Cable
  • File Selection Cable (Allows Switching Between up to 4 files Loaded on the RIP Chip)
  • 034EFI RIP Chip interface Software (Available for Download Here)
  • 034EFI RIP Chip Instruction Manual (Available for Download Here)

System Requirements:

Available Base Maps & Hardware Requirements:

  • 7A Stock
  • 7A Stage 1

Available Options:

Please Note: We have software for both the early (2 connector) and the late (4-connector) ECU. Select your ECU type at the bottom before checkout.