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034Motorsport Audi I5 20VT AAN/ABY/ADU Coil Pack Update Harness for 2.0T FSI Coils

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034Motorsport Audi I5 20VT AAN/ABY/ADU Coil Pack Update Harness for 2.0T FSI Coils

Part Number: 034-701-0001
Manufacturer: 034Motorsport

Key Features / Product Warranty

AAN engined UrS4's and UrS6s, as well as ABY/ADU engined Audi S2's and RS2's have notoriously poor coil power output stages endearingly called "POS's". Often intermittent or premature failure will manifest in a hesitation or miss under acceleration. Do away the costly POS and replacement coils with updated VAG coils from the 2.0T FSI with built in power stages.

Fully plug-in harness, all connectors feature OEM quality, automotive grade wiring, literally takes minutes to install and is totally reversible should it ever need to be. Includes instructions to modify OEM 2.0T FSI coils to literally pop right in. Tested for performance compatability up to normal "RS2 power levels" in the 275hp range.

Please Note:

  • Coils are soild separately. We recommend Genuine Volkswagen/Audi 2.0T FSI Coils (07K 905 715F) with this kit, which are available separately here.
  • We do not recommend using this kit with 1.8T coils, since some chipsets run too much dwell, causing them to cut out at WOT or fail completely.
  • We do not recommend this kit as a "performance upgrade" over the stock coils. If you are looking for higher performance and a more powerful spark, please check out our High Output AAN Coil Kit, designed for this purpose.

Installation Instructions:

This product is usally in-stock and ships within 1-2 days.



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VROOOOM (11/8/14)
by urs4ben
Kit arrived quickly and as described. Instructions were helpful for installation and easy to follow. Fully resolved lack of power/surging during acceleration in 3rd, 4th and 5th gear. Hard to believe I didn't get a ticket during my test drive!!!
Works great (9/2/14)
by Sciroccosven
Bought the kit to solve misfire under load which it worked. No issues after half a year. It would be nice if the kit fit under the factory coil cover.

Giving the kit 5 stars BUT your factory cover won't fit over top.
plug-n-play (5/16/14)
by jon
this harness kit with the 2.0 coils installed in about 10 minutes and completely eliminated the mis firing under load. I had to modify the coil cover to fit though. this kit far exceeded my expectations and restored power and fuel economy to my Urs6 avant.